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PTC heater product prices

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PTC heater product prices

Date:2016-02-28 00:00 Source: Click:

Hot air curtain

Hot air curtain, air curtain machine, hot air curtain) according to the heat source can be divided into electric heating, hot water (steam) give attention to two or morethings two categories, including electric hot air curtain machine adopts PTC heater, centralized heating material such as ceramic heater, electric heat pipe, which use PTC heater, the most widely used.

PTC heater make air conditioning more perfect, because of its use in air conditioning has simple structure, low cost, safety performance is good, beautiful appearance, the current domestic production of air conditioning of large manufacturers has been window machine, fission machine and ark opportunity products such as slicing technique is widely used in the production of the PTC heating components.

Product advantages

This kind of heater USES the slicing process, integration of product structure. Through insulation shell insulation, has the advantages of novel structure, advanced technology, automatic constant temperature, high thermal efficiency, good appearance, easy installation, the halogen-light safe use, etc.

1: integration of fin, is not easy to damage the internal components, there will not be aging, oxidation and dust phenomenon, good seismic performance.

2: no contact thermal resistance, in under the condition of invariable parameters, than traditional movies, viscose type heat transfer efficiency is about 20%.

3: high insulation level, resistance to breakdown voltage up to 3000 v or more.

4: connection using the original elasticity, heat bilges cold shrink space.

5: the product the overall structural integrity, end support using high-performance PPS components, whole specially oxidation process, luster and not easy to change color.

6: flexible structure, without changing the main structure of the case, the fin distance and fin height can be adjusted according to customer requirements, to

To change the heat transfer area, the purpose of adjusting wind resistance, wind speed.

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