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Centrifugal air curtain machine

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Centrifugal air curtain machine

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  • Release date:2016/07/19
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Centrifugal air curtain machine

Centrifugal hot air curtain series product features:

Centrifugal hot air curtain according to different heat medium, the divided into electric heating, hot air curtain hot air curtain, steam hot air curtain.

This series of hot air curtain by centrifugal fan, the tubular heat air curtain has a higher air velocity and air pressure, can achieve the large garage door, the door shop, shop door tall structure effectively closed the door, and can undertake non-standard product processing according to the form of the outlet (including hot air curtain of revolving door using circular).

Model description:

Example: the RM - 2015 - D l

Said for air export nominal width is 1500 mm. The centrifugal impeller outer diameter 200 mm electric heating air curtain.

The installation height

20 series is suitable for the installation of the height is 3500 mm - 4000 mm.

25, 30 series is suitable for the installation of the height is 4000 mm - 4500 mm.

Centrifugal type electric heating air curtain main technical parameters



The above products for technical improvements, such as a technical parameters change, without prior notice, the actual product shall prevail.

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